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If you are looking for a local Calgary expert qualified and reputable roof repair company, we are your red seal journeyman Calgary roofing contractors! 

We have been providing roofing services to Calgary, Alberta and area for many years. We are A+ accredited at the Calgary Better Business Bureau. 

Our references and Calgary roofing reviews are excellent. Our roofing-staff are managed by Inter-Provincial Red Seal Journeymen Calgary Roofing professional trades-persons. We are equipped and qualified to handle any residential, industrial or commercial roof repair you need.

Contact our local Calgary repair roofers 24/7 365 day a year for emergency roofing service. Call locally at 1.403.873.7663 and for other parts of Alberta you can call toll-free 1.877.497.3528. Email:

Details on our Calgary roofing repair company and our expert roof repair accreditation: Qualified, certified, residential, industrial, commercial roofs, Emergency Repair Roofing

  • Our quality is guaranteed by employing expert inter-provincial red seal journeymen roofers.
  • Our lifetime workmanship guarantee ensures our customers receive the highest value in the industry.
  • Our work site safety program exceeds OHS requirements. 
  • Our commercial liability insurance is 5,000,000.00.
  • Our Calgary roofers work under open-flame certified insurance for flat roof hot work.
  • Our roofers are certified for the more common industrial site, oil and gas site requirements.
  • Our company is city of Calgary licensed, we are registered with the Alberta government and we are in good standing and registered with WCB Alberta. 

If you are experiencing a leak in your roof, the following are things you can do prior to our Calgary Roofing Repair technicians arriving at your home or business: Flat, metal, coatings, decks, flashing, curbs, parapet, drains, re-sloping, drainage

  • Contact us. Call our Calgary 24 hour dispatch to book our repair techs to attend to your location. This should be done first. Call 1.403.873.7663 for local Calgary area and 1.877.497.3528 for all other areas in Alberta or elsewhere.
  • Minimize Interior Damage. If the water is coming in to your house or business you should put out pails or plastic film to catch the water to avoid interior damage to your residence or business if possible.
  • For water coming in at windows or along walls do your best to towel up the water to minimize damage. The water can cause significant damage to your interior and is not healthy for the occupants. Eventually you will need to cut out any soaked insulation or drywall and have repairs done.
  • Contact Your Insurance. Contact your insurance company and ask if your policy covers the roofing work and the interior work. For your insurance representative’s needs our roof repair technicians will document all activity while on site. This includes any roof inspection and work done. They document and photo with before pictures, during repair and completion photos and provide a report.
  • Be Sure You Are Safe. If it is a flat roof on your home or business it is important that your flat roof is draining. It is common for flat roof drains (be it internal drains or external scuppers) to plug up and cause a roof leak. If this occurs it is imperative that you unclog the drains as soon as possible to avoid a roof collapse. The weight of pooling water and/or ice and water can be disastrous if not taken care of immediately.
  • Quite often with residential roof leaks the ceiling will be saturated with water and there can be some concern with the ceiling falling down. If this is the case then cut a hole in the ceiling to allow for the water to escape and but a bucket under the water. 
  • Commercial and industrial buildings will often have insulation wrapped in plastic at the ceiling. If you see that water is trapped and looks like it may start to bring down large sections of insulation then you can poke a hole to relieve the pressure.

Isolate the problem. Some common causes of leaks: shingles, cedar, tile, skylights, chimney, eaves-trough, siding

  • Ice Dam. Often roof leaks are cause by ice damming in the gutters and the ice backing up in to the roof system. If you suspect this is the case you can (if safe to do so) bang out any ice that you can from the gutters. With residential home owners this is common and the ice backs up under the shingles. For commercial and industrial buildings, especially the metal roof clad buildings this is common and the ice backs up in the building where the roof to wall connection is with the gutters.
  • Along with gutters there is also the possibility of downspouts being clogged and not allowing water to terminate properly. If this is the case you will want to remove any debris blocking the downspouts. 
  • Condensation. Condensation can also cause roof leaks. Metal industrial and commercial roofs are notorious for roof leaks. Metal “sweats” from the underside and leaks can also be caused from fasteners missing, penetrations like roof vents not being sealed properly and many other reasons. Residential homes can also suffer from condensation that manifests as a roof leak. Most often this is caused by the rooftop vents being covered with snow and because the attic is not venting the hot air then condensation appears. Another reason for condensation can be the intake air at the soffits not functioning properly.
  • Roof Storm Damage.  Another reason we often see for roof leaks is storm damage. Homeowners can often have shingles blow off in high wind storms or parts of the roof damaged. Commercial and industrial buildings often get flashing blown off in wind storms. In the Calgary and southern Alberta area wind storms are common so this is a standard problem in the area.  
  • Roof Life-Cycle. In some instances it is simply that your roof is old and needs replacing. Most often we then prepare a plan to do temporary repairs to get you through to when you are ready to do a complete re-roof. 
  • Flat Roofs. If you have a Calgary flat roof there are many possible reasons for leaks. Flat roofs require inspection and maintenance preferably in the spring and fall each year. Some of the reasons are flashing issues, skylights broke, a seam of the roof membrane has come apart, blisters in the membrane and many more.
  • Metal Roofs. Metal roofing is as noted above notorious for roof leaks. They can be caused by fasteners missing, fastener holes getting bigger over time, caulking missing at penetrations such as vents and flashing, the seams can come apart over time and leak, the ice damming "wicking" up in to the roof system and many other reasons. Of all the roofing repairs we do, this specific category (metal roof repairs) we do more of every year than any other.

About Our Calgary and Area Roofing Services:

We service Calgary roofing repairs on residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural and institutional buildings. 

Our roof repair expertise extends to many components of the trade. We repair Calgary flat roofing, metal roofing, roof shingles, cedar roofing, roofing tile, roof coatings, skylights, chimney flashing, solar tubes, flat roof decks and balcony membranes, roof snow removal, roof ice dam removal, snow cleats, snow rails, heat trace for gutters, attic ventilation, roof vents, roof insulation, re-sheathing roof decks, fabricated flashing, roof curbs, parapet wall construction, replacement internal drains, re-sloping for positive drainage, rooftop unit retro-fitting, roof hatches, industrial and residential grade eaves-trough and downspouts, soffit, fascia, siding and many other areas of exterior repairs.

We also conduct Calgary roof inspections and we have annual roof maintenance programs. 

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